Hi, my name is David Sibrina

3D/2D Graphic artist & Coder

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My name is David Sibrina and I am currently studying Computer Games Modelling and Animation at the University of Derby. I am from the Czech Republic, but since September 2016 I have lived in Derby. On this website you can find my works and projects which I made.

I studied Private College of Computer Science, with a focus on graphics systems and web development. Subjects like promotional graphics and graphics system belonged among my favorites. Since the first grade in secondary school I have been making graphics for websites, flyers, applications, corporate identity, mailings and newsletters. Every time I make a design I focus on clarity, simplicity and fresh impression of design. I like when I meet with my clients or employers and we discuss their ideas and expectations. In my opinion this is the best way how to make a successful design.

I have had opportunities to collaborate with big companies and work on big projects (for Hyundai, Douglas, Kiehls, J&T Bank, Papiromat and many more). Sometimes, I have collaborated with other companies like Medea Creativity inc. which deal with marketing campaigns and preparing of corporate identity. Except graphics and design I have devoted a large part of my young career to front-end coding, 2D animation, and I try to improve myself in this area as much as I possibly can.

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Derby, United Kingdom