David Sibrina

3D artist

My name is David and I'm 21 years old. I am from the Czech Republic, but since September 2016 I've lived in Derby and currently studying CGMA at the local university. On this website, you can find my works and projects which I made.

I used to study a college of computer science with a focus on graphic systems and web development. At that time, I started finding myself more and more in 3D graphics. I need to say I used to be a hardcore player and I've always been so interested in how games are made. Everything began with 3D visualisation in Autodesk AutoCAD and just working in that program made me so happy. Especially, seeing art in 3D was mind-blowing and that's what motivated me to move abroad and get the best education at a British university.

I was trying to learn every aspect of the game development, but it's still getting bigger every year, so at the moment I become more focused on the environment art, modelling and texturing. I use software like Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4, xNormal and Zbrush on a daily basis.

If you have any questions, advice or you just would like to have a coffee and talk don't hesitate to contact me :)

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I'm also a classic graphic designer and front-end coder

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